When It’s Most Important, It’s Black & White

Xerox’s Prime Link B9100 Series sets new standard in monochrome by printing documents better, faster and smarter.

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When Working From Home Isn’t a Choice: Simple Ways to Stay Focused and Productive

By Leslie Hobbs

As the business disruption brought on by Coronavirus continues to evolve, some tens of thousands of workers across the world are embarking on an unexpected new normal: working from home. In the days to come, that number will surely rise to the millions.

Unlike the typical work from home scenario, it’s not a choice for many, at least for now. Given these circumstances – and how fluid and fast-paced the pandemic developments feel – it can be a difficult adjustment for some.

Although it can be challenging to focus at a time like this, work serves as a welcome distraction. Here are some simple ways to stay productive and feel (more) normal in a situation that’s unprecedented.

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