Super P.3000 movement replia watches

The authentic P.3000 calibre is a movement independently developed by Panerai. This movement was originally designed as the flagship movement in Panerai's hand-wound movement. With Incabloc® shock absorbers and a non-carded balance spring, the Glucydur® balance wheel, all suppliers are the advanced products of the industry's leading first-tier manufacturers. At the same time, Panerai used a double barrel on this movement to make the movement of the movement more than 72 hours

The replica P, 3000 movement uses the domestically-made imitation UNITAS-6497-2 as the basis of the movement, but it is worth noting that the so-called basic movement only uses most of its structure, such as power conversion, drilling The design of the bit, the key gear design, the way of adjusting the time, etc. can not reverse the movement structure. However, the focus of this movement is the energy storage. Of course, this is the only thing that everyone can see. At the same time, in order to provide more space for the energy storage replica watches, this movement also changes the balance wheel and the corresponding escapement system.

This movement is not a 1:1 replica watches of the super P.3000. There is absolutely no so-called super P.3000 movement, many original P.3000 movements have the features, this high imitation P.3000 movement is still It is not up to you. It can only be at most UNITAS-6497-2 that looks like the P.3000 movement.

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