Research on the accuracy of replica watches

This movement has two barrels of different sizes, which are designed to mimic the original design and then transform the basic movement. At the same time, combined with the effect of the escapement described above and the way of using it in combination with the picture, I believe that the understanding of the escapement effect can be deeper and more thorough.

Although it is a "change machine" modified from the 6497 movement, but does not castrate on some of the most basic functions, the protective gears left to prevent the upper chain from being overfilled are still retained on the homemade splint imitation Rolex watches. Just like the past, it just covers a good looking deck.

Regarding the appearance: At present, apart from the original version, the P.3000 movement scheme of the second better option cannot be found.

About precision: This movement has no second hand design, so the daily difference is hard to see within 60 seconds, and there is no point-like precise scale around, which is undoubtedly a good relief for OCD patients, such as myself.

About energy storage: At present, the longest manual energy-saving movement in the country

About innovation: This movement is undoubtedly another innovation in the "change machine", similar to the previous attempt to change the Seagull ST2146 movement to Rolex Cal.3135, but this time the modification, in the shock absorber A number of improvements have been made to some key parts such as balance wheel, deck, energy storage system, and escapement. Therefore, this is indeed an innovative domestic P.3000 movement.

With regard to the accuracy and stability, these are the benevolent seeers and wise men who see wisdom. If compared with genuine, it is definitely good. However, it is worth noting that there are many manufacturers with this movement production technology fake watches, and I believe that everyone knows the same movement, different manufacturers produce it, and the accessories are not universal.