High imitation table excellent replica watches explanation

Let me briefly explain the description sequence of this article, and a detailed explanation. I will pass the case, mirror, font, back cover, antimagnetic cover, pointer, strap, case, movement, and head. . I will wait for 9 aspects to explain this replica watches, and objectively describe the highlights of this watch, as well as some special features, and I will give a pertinent purchase suggestion in the final summary.

There have been many talks about the excellent case of high imitation watches. The protruding spiral head design, three-layer waterproof ring, and beautiful inner ring lettering have almost become the "hard indicators" that all high imitation watches must do. Of course, this is the best high imitation Rolex Milgauss 116400GV. Must be done.

One solution for the high-profile Rolex Milgauss 116400GV green glass is to place a green plastic ring on the edge of the glass. This is the effect of most high imitation watches, which makes the high imitation Rolex Milgauss 116400GV reach a green around. The effect is really not satisfactory.

However, one of the highlights of this watch is that a thick layer of green anti-glare film is applied to the entire glass, and the green plastic ring scheme commonly used by the molder is not used, so that the whole glass will be greener than the original. However, we can see through the 1:1 genuine comparison chart that the effect is not exactly the same as the original.

The normal glass edge will have a translucent cut mark. The glass of the fake watches is round. After grinding with a grinding tool, the edge will have a translucent gray color. This is the effect of a normal sapphire mirror. But the authentic Rolex green glass has been in existence since 2007 until now. For 8 years, no moldmakers have tried to successfully replicate the effect of green glass, which is both perfect and scratch-resistant, so the genuine Rolex for the Milgauss series on the glass. The research is still very commendable.