Balanced balance with specially designed replica watches

This movement has completely immersed the authentic replica Panerai P.3000 movement in appearance. No matter the placement of the shock absorber and the position of the balance wheel, the position of the splint is exactly the same. There is no doubt that this is the perfect solution for the current P.3000 movement.

All the lettering is a copy of the pasting experience of the replica Panerai 6497 movement. The metal plate is printed on the movement board and then filled with blue pigment, which can effectively prevent the color from falling in the future. At the same time, in the selection of the shock absorber, this movement card has a real shock absorber, and the gooseneck and fine adjustment functions fake watches uk of the shock absorber have been modified accordingly. And by your own way, this watch can still be relatively stable when it can go.

The balance wheel of this replica watch is a specially designed balance wheel, which is different from the ordinary balance wheel, so fine-tuning this fake watch requires more patience and technology than other fake watches.

This is the first time I have explained to you the internal parts of the watch movement. The longitudinal system used in this movement is a laminated corner escapement. This escapement system is a general lever escapement system. upgrade.

1: the escapement mechanism periodically transmits the energy provided by the power system to the balance balance and the hairspring system to maintain the power of the system;

2: The escapement mechanism transmits the vibration number of the balance replica watches spring system to the indicating device to achieve the measurement time.

Therefore, in the movement world of replica watches and clocks, this is a very very important component. This is also the real reason why some big-name watch groups will immediately announce their breakthroughs.