There are no defects that are solved by any replica Rolex watches

At present, I have studied the high imitation Rolex Milgauss 116400GV of all molders. There is no high imitation table to solve the problem I described, so if you just need Milgauss which is a feature of "green", then don't do it now. Consider a high imitation table. No matter how good the business cows are, because there is really no product in this area that can meet your needs, and you don't have to replica watches waste valuable time.

About anti-magnetic I once explained in an article, the so-called paramagnetic anti-magnetic, that is, the original 316L stainless steel alloy composition to make some changes, become a weak magnetic alloy material, so this watch in the anti-magnetic performance is only an evaluation form Shell, not to mention the original Rolex3131 calibre for the anti-magnetic design of the Parachrom hairspring system, the case of the anti-magnetic is exactly the same as the genuine.

In the details of the relief, the engraving is very good for the high imitation table, but the engraving of the logo will be more strict and more beautiful. This is a problem that the high imitation table cannot be avoided as an illegal business, because the relief needs For a long time, no factory will allow any high imitation model opener to spend a lot of time on infringing products to make a small detail very beautiful, mostly based on "similar", so no matter which one is 1:1 high Imitation table, as long as you look closely at the non-removable. The embossed type of logo is easy to see the roughness. However, the authenticity will be very detailed. Of course, the relief of the fake Rolex watches logo is currently only available to Rolex.